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Employers services

We’d like to share our knowledge of the workforce with you.

The CJE develops non-profit partnerships with different employers to facilitate the link between job seekers and the labour market.

Viewing job opportunities

Get noticed by our client base

When recruiting, you want to find the best candidates to meet your needs. Each year, we meet more than 400 people looking for work. That rare gem you are looking for could be among those candidates.

Creating job opportinuties

Trust us to creating your job posting

In order to attract today's workforce, it’s important to be on the lookout for new trends and what captures the attention of clientele. We can create your job offer in the latest trendy colours and designs in order to increase your visibility.

Our employment counselors at your side to ...

Become "Employer of Choice"

Candidates are available for employment in our region. Some are looking for their first chance to prove themselves, others are seeking guidance in navigating the workforce. An open-minded employer can make a difference while seeing positive results in the workplace.

Some applicants may be eligible for a grant that reduces your salary expenses to help them integrate into the workplace and stay in your employment. Contact us to find out more.

Integrating these workers into your workplace requires adaptability. An open-minded employer will quickly see positive benefits in the workplace such as a better team atmosphere that encourages mutual assistance while reducing turnover.

Identifying barriers to the integration or retention of candidates
Developing concrete strategies with the support of the interested employer
Raising the employee’s awareness around the company's culture 
Accompanying the employee in the development of their professional attitude

Offre emploi
Employeur de choix
Become an accommodating employer!

The aim of school-work balance is to encourage academic perseverance by raising awareness among employers and students of the importance of reconciling these two spheres of life.

We encourage employers who hire students to foster their academic success. Certified employers enjoy benefits such as visibility, access to relevant information, access to conferences, etc. 

As an employer, it is important to promote the academic success of your employees and to demonstrate your openness. Join the School-Work Balance program today and receive a variety of benefits free of charge

Greater visibility
Access to relevant information
Free lectures
A better employer brand

Support for your employees

Do you have an employee who is experiencing personal difficulties that are impacting their effectiveness at work? We’d like to help them through these difficulties.

Whether it’s to reveal and develop their potential, identify what motivates them at work, or simply help them through a difficult time, we offer you the opportunity to meet with your employee and develop an action plan. This service is complementary to what your workplace may already offer.

Individual meetings on a voluntary basis
Assessing the situation and developing an action plan
Referrals and support
Facilitation of themed workshops in small groups

End-of-employment support

Are you required to dismiss or fire an employee?

We offer a service to people who have recently lost their jobs, aimed to help them re-enter the workforce. You can count on us to take care of these employees.

Assessing the situation or difficulties at work
Skills assessment
Exploring job opportunities
Effective job search techniques

Femme, à, café
Working and settle in the region

Are you hiring a graduate who plans to move into the RCM?

Moving to a new place can be both a great experience and great challenge. Our regional Place aux jeunes is the place to call to support your new employee through this important change. Please refer your candidate to us BEFORE they move.

Personalized remote support
Help finding a home 
Information on services, activities, and events in the region
And much more!

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