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Support and guidance in all spheres of life

Improve each spheres of your life

Choose personalized support to help you manage your difficulties and accurately assess of your situation.

Psychosocial support in all your spheres of life
Identifying obstacles and creating a personalized action plan
Exploring your interests, strengths, and opportunities
Developing your skills and abilities
Referrals to resources that may be useful to you

Soutien psychosocial
Ateliers de groupe
Attend free group workshops

We offer a variety of educational workshops on a variety of topics. Find out more about our upcoming workshops.

Managing stress and emotions
Healthy lifestyle habits
Budget, credit, and debt
Apartment living


Are you a low-income single mother?
Discover Villa Pierrot

Villa Pierrot is a residential resource that allows women to progress with their life plans by referring them to job search services, guidance, and support with a view to work towards autonomy.

Personalized action plan
Workshops and activities for improving all spheres of life
Support and guidance

Villa Pierrot
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