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Volunteer experience and

project development

Discover our volunteering projects
Escouade CJE
Gain volunteer experience with the Escouade CJE.

Do you have spare time to give, and are looking to get involved with your community? Sign up for our Escouade CJE volunteer list, a small group of volunteers who lend a hand to local organizations. We will contact you when opportunities come up to get involved in your areas of interest. Participate at your leisure along with other individuals who are hoping to break out of their comfort zone.

Volunteer list sign-up
Exploration of different types of involvement, for example: setting-up festival sites, preparing Christmas baskets, participating in fundraisers or awareness campaigns, garden landscaping, making informational videos, organizing events, etc.
Participation Allowance ($20-$40)
Discover your needs and interests
Participate at your leisure, according to your availability

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Develop your own community involvement project!

Spark your creativity and explore your interests by developing your own project. Together, we can make your community improvement project a reality. We’ll help you with the project process and implementation! You could also receive an allowance or financial assistance for your project. All ideas welcome-get started now!

Idea assessment and brainstorming
Development of an action plan and continued support
Contact with resources in the community
Financial support and participation allowanc

Examples of past projects:

•    Setting up a semi-flexible classroom at the Centre d’éducation des adultes des Sommets
•    Setting-up a community fridge in Saint-Étienne-de-Bolton
•    Making an informational video on “Les couloirs de la violence amoureuse” project
•    Participation in the fundraiser "Rouler à vélo pour la Villa Pierrot"
•    Participation in the Christian Vachon Foundation’s Christmas campaign

Développer un projet
Start an awareness campaign!

Is there a topic that speaks to you personally? Is there a cause that’s close to your heart you would like to contribute to? Become an agent for change with the MOBILISE-TOI project.

Whether it's designing communication materials (posters, flyers, etc.) or planning an activity to raise awareness, the CJE can help you carry out the necessary steps to run a successful awareness campaign on the topic of your choice, including providing you with the necessary tools to make your project happen (materials, training, tools, etc.)

Personalized tips and tools
Assistance in designing your communication materials
Support throughout your project

Develop your own volunteer project!

If you are a high school student who wants to get involved in a project on a volunteer basis, either individually or in a group, we are here to help you with project development and implementation. Regardless of what stage of idea development you find yourself in, get in touch with us today.

Assessment of your project and brainstorming
Development of an action plan and continued support
Research for funding and budget solutions 
Getting in contact with resources in the community
Financial support directly allocated to your school

Project examples:

•    Organizing an environmental fair
•    Setting up a committee of students who are involved in the community (babysitting at the Villa Pierrot)
•    Participation in the Commission jeunesse de Magog

Projet de bénévolat

Our project officer will contact you afterwards to discuss your involvement interests.

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