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Returning to school and school perseverance services

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Concilier études / travail
Retourner aux études
Thinking of returning to school?

We can help you make informed choices about your future training program and support you in your return to school.

Academic or professional guidance
Gaining motivation
Information on available training and programs 
Self-knowledge and exploring your interests
Validation of professional choices or observation placements

Looking to more easily achieve a school-work balance?

Visit the website to discover a number of strategies to help you find a balance between your education and work. In addition, some schools offer workshops on this topic.

How to find balance 
Better manage your time and budget
Various educational videos 

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Are you a parent and looking to go back to school?

The                                                     program allows you to participate in free back-to-high-school training while attending educational activities with other parents (3 mornings per week).

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Learn strategies to make your day-to-day easier
Continue your studies
Interact with other parents in similar situations
Create stimulating projects
Improve your parenting skills

Parents en action

Activité Familles en folie

Un grand merci aux commanditaires de l'activité qui a eu lieu le 

samedi le 27 mai 2023 au Parc d'Omerville (54, rue Letendre, Magog) 

Are you a student who feels at risk of dropping out?

Develop personal resilience with us! We can help you stay motivated on your academic journey and work towards graduation. Are you lacking support and feeling in need of help? We have several tools, resources, and tips that can keep you from dropping out.

Motivational support
Support to help you identify obstacles and overcome difficulties
Referrals and information on the appropriate resources
Self-development (improving self-esteem, lifestyle, stress management…)

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