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Initiation and development

of entrepreneurial projects

Develop your entrepreneurial project

Do you have lots of ideas, alone or in a group, for projects? Would you like your skills and creativity to be used for something? We offer to provide the support, tools and resources necessary in the development of your entrepreneurial project *, free of charge.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

* an entrepreneurial project is the development of a product, a service, a company or an event which meets a need, a request or which brings a solution to something. If you have ideas, we have the resources to make your project a reality.

Project evaluation and brainstorming
Entrepreneurial Potential Assessment
Action plan or business plan
Search for financing and budget solutions
Contact with resources in the community

Projet entrepreneuriaux
Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to learn about entrepreneurship?

Learn the different elements that must be taken into account for the realization of an entrepreneurial project, be referred to the right contacts and see if you can have access to financial support for the realization of your project. No matter where you are in developing your idea, get in touch with our project officer now.

Evaluate your idea and develop an action plan
Development of entrepreneurial qualities
Exploration of the stages of an entrepreneurial project
Search for financing and budget solutions
Reference to resources that will be useful to you

Initiation à l'entrepreneuriat
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