You're between 16 and 35 years old?

The CJE Memphremagog is the reference for all young people in the MRC Memphremagog, whatever your needs.

Our energetic and skillful team can assist you in many areas of your professional, academic and personal life.

Did you know that the CJE can help you :

Job search, career counselling, special projects
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Our services

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Job search assistance

At the Carrefour jeunesse-emploi, all our services are personalized and adapted to your specific needs. With or without an appointment, come see us to work on a diversity of tools and topics for your job search:

  • Chronological or skills-based curriculum vitae

  • Adapted cover letter

  • Job search techniques

  • Identification of target jobs

  • Interview preparation

  • Interview simulation

  • Workshops (job market, job search…)

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact:

SOPHIE CAMILLE, Employment Counselor
819 843-3007, ext. 224

School/Work balance

School-work balance aims to encourage school perseverance by raising awareness among employers and students of the important of balancing work and school.

We suggest that employers hiring students comply with certain criteria that foster academic achievement (examples: not allocate more than 20 hours of work per week to their student-employees, know their class schedules and exam periods, etc.). Certified employees benefit from visibility, access to grants, conferences, etc. The goal is also to raise awareness among parents and the youth themselves of their responsibility with regards to their academic success.

Program website and list of participating employers (several tools are also accessible via the website).


For information, contact :

Manon Paradis, School-Work Balance Agent and Career Counsellor

819-843-3007, EXT. 225


Career/academic counseling


  • An appointment with our career counsellor will ensure you’re able to make an informed choice!

  • You’ll receive personalized follow-up based on your needs.


  • Support in your career orientation or reorientation, and skills assessment

  • Identification of interests, values, and abilities (psychometric testing, questionnaires, reflective and self-awareness exercises)

  • Personal, professional, and academic assessment

  • Identification of motivations and fears, and ways to overcome them

  • Identification of ways to manage the stress and anxiety that can arise from the decision to return to the job market

  • Help making decisions about your career choice

  • Development of a personalized action plan


  • REPERES software and website with information on the job market (Information sur le Marché du Travail—IMT)

  • Exploration of trades, professions, and employment prospects


For information, contact:

 SONIA VERMETTE, Career Counsellor

819-843-3007, Ext. 223


Personal and social autonomy


This initiative for youth ages 16 to 29 aims to promote skills acquisition and the adoption of behaviours that contribute to the development of their personal and social independence.

Participants work on various aspects of their lives:

  • Physiological needs: Eating, dressing yourself, housing

  • Various counselling need: Developing social and interpersonal skills, managing emotions, making a budget and grocery list, etc.

  • Actualization and motivation needs: Being acknowledged, empowered, and encouraged; learning to anticipate the future; having life goals and objectives

  • Social needs: Breaking isolation, building positive social networks

  • Needs related to services offered: Knowing the services offered in the MRC, having access to services, demystifying preconceived notions about the services

The following services are offered:

  • Guidance and referral;

  • Individual development activities;

  • Employability skills development activities;

  • Various themed interventions.


For more information, contact:

Myriam, Support worker

819-843-3007, Ext. 227


You wish to :

  • Get involve in your community

  • Do a one-day internship

  • Discover yourself

 This project is for youth ages 18 to 29 who would like to help their community by being involved in various non-profit organizations in the Memphrémagog region.

  • All year long

  • 2 to 3 volunteer activities per month

  • You may volunteer as often as you want

  • You may receive a gift card $

Being involved in a volunteer project helps youth become responsible citizens who care about their community. It’s a gateway to civic engagement. Volunteer activities may influence a person’s path and give them positive experience within their community. This involvement promotes their integration within the community and fosters a sense of belonging.

In addition to making positive contributions to their community, youth have the opportunity to develop their skills.

Our CJE Squad is already in action and always welcoming new members.

To learn about :

  • How to subscribe

  • Types of volunteer activities

  • Frenquency to actvitities

  • Allowence $


For more information, contact:

Amélie Marcil, Project Agent

819-843-3007, Ext. 327


Settle in the regions

Helping you get settled, find work, and contribute to your community.

Place aux jeunes Memphrémagog promotes the migration, integration, and retention of young graduates ages 18 to 35 in the Memphrémagog MRC.



  • Prevent and counter youth exodus towards major urban centres;

  • Foster and promote the social engagement of youth in the region;

  • Promote and facilitate the professional integration of youth in the region;

  • Raise awareness among youth, those around them, and local stakeholders of the impacts of youth exodus;

  • Stimulate the creation of businesses in the region.

Settling in a new community to make your projects a reality can be an intense experience. What an exciting challenge! There are a number of things to plan for: employment, living arrangements, daycare, school, activities, leisure activites. The Place aux jeunes migration agent is THE reference for all your questions. The following services are offered:

Individual support:

  • Personalized support from a distance to meet your needs;

  • Information about employers recruiting people in your field;

  • Information about daycare spaces, schools, and health services;

  • Information about the characteristics of and services offered by each municipality;

  • Information about housing options and purchasing a house;

  • And much more!

Exploratory activities:

Are you interested in discovering or rediscovering the region?

Exploratory activities are an opportunity to give you the tools you need to facilitate your move to the Memphrémagog MRC!

A free weekend enabling you to:

  • Discover (or rediscover) the MRC and its municipalities;

  • Build a network of contacts with potential employers, socioeconomic resources, and entrepreneurs;

  • Discover the region’s attractions and activities;

  • Imagine your future here!


By subscribing to the e-newsletter, each week, you will receive job postings in the region, events, news, and much more! Don’t forget to select the Memphrémagog MRC!

Eligibility criteria for Place aux jeunes services:

  • Be between the ages of 18 and 35;

  • Be a post-secondary graduate or student;

  • Live outside of the Memphrémagog MRC or have lived here for less than one year.


For information, contact:

Véronique Boutin-Gauvin, Place aux jeunes Migration Agent

819-843-3007, Ext. 226



Visit website : Place aux jeunes Memphrémagog!

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